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The best way to start the admissions process is with a phone call to our school office at (808) 982-7701. We are happy to discuss our school with you, to determine if it is the right option for your child and your family. We welcome you to visit our beautiful campus by either calling to schedule a tour or by attending one of our Open Houses, Festivals, or Community Events. Visit our School Calendar. Also visit our FAQs for more information about Waldorf Education.

Education at a true independent Waldorf school is possible! Malamalama Waldorf School is committed to children and their families. A number of our families are able to attend our school because their tuition rates are adjusted to their need. Feel free to speak with us openly about your needs when you inquire. Visit Tuition Adjustment/Scholarship Program  for more information or to apply.

Admissions Process

After visiting our campus, or reviewing school information, interested families may apply to Malamalama Waldorf School by following the steps below. Before applying, please note our age requirements:


If Malamalama Waldorf School is a school of choice for your child, please fill out an application (see link to Application Packet above) and send it in with the $50 application fee. A completed application includes: